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About the role

The Rating Services Analyst provides credit analysis, financial viability and risk assessment services within the Ratings Services team, assisting in the data procurement, data entry, financial analysis, quality control, risk evaluation and report writing on behalf of nominated clients. The analysis specifically supports the assessment and identification of critical issues relating to the credit risk of an
entity for a given obligation or commitment. The Rating Services Analyst is also responsible for complying with Divisional policies and procedures and presenting a professional image to clients and the broader business market.

Working as part of a large, sophisticated analytics team, this role will be required to:

  • Writing professional and evidence-based reports
  • Normalizing financial statements to ensure consistency and uniformity
  • Analyzing financial statements, ratios and key risk indicators to identify credit risk
  • Identifying the critical issues, strengths and challenges relating to credit risk
  • Procurement of annual reports, financial and company information
  • Accurate and timely input of company information into the database
  • Complying with all applicable policies, principals and organizational requirements


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