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About the role

Analysts use their advanced data manipulation skills in the delivery of client data tasks. The role will require ownership of multiple concurrent projects and the ability to work independently to deliver quality work. In the Fulfilment team, this entails stakeholder management and full delivery responsibility.

As a result, the role enables the fine-tuning of technical, and stakeholder management skills. Their work will be done under the appropriate supervision of a Lead Analyst.

The Analyst is responsible for the following roles: 

  • Extract and manipulate information from internal databases in order to satisfy client requirements, delivering quality output in the agreed timeframe
  • Write and understand SQL/SSIS/SAS/R queries to facilitate data extraction and manipulation.
  • Possible use of additional visualization software packages, such as Tableau.
  • Process and analyze large volumes of data generally in the fields of Marketing lists and campaign execution
  • Database design, development, analysis and interrogation
  • Quality checks other analysts’ output, to ensure error-free delivery of information and reports to clients.
  • Professionally handle ad-hoc queries from consumers, clients and from within the business on data fulfillment matters


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