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About the role

As a Corrections Specialist, you will be responsible for managing correction requests relating to consumer and commercial credit information and public record information. The Corrections Specialist will also be responsible for a variety of tasks that are managed within Customer Resolutions.

You are expected to investigate and respond to correction requests received in relation to the data that is held by Equifax.

  • Investigate, review and respond to correction requests of all natures within legislated SLA’s and in line with internal procedures.
  • Identify any mattes with compliance concerns and escalate internally.
  • Manage relationships with external stakeholders (credit providers).
  • Identify any potential system issues and flags with the head of the business unit for review and decision.
  • Record, investigate and respond to correction requests received from external parties within set time frames and regulatory SLA, ensuring all issues raised are addressed.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.
  • Assess if correction request needs to be referred to team leader or Compliance and do so within the appropriate time frames.
  • Meet daily, weekly and monthly KPI’s and quality standards for actioning all tasks.
  • Liaise with subscribers, third parties, ITSA, ASIC and Courts to thoroughly investigate corrections and ensure they are actioned appropriately.
  • Review information supplied by third parties and available internally to ensure the data held by Equifax is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and not misleading.


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